Tradeswomen Tuesday: Jamie McMillan, Ironworker/Welder

Jamie McMillan, Ironworker/Welder

Jamie McMillan has a technique for dealing with a persistent problem for women in the skilled trades — the idea that a female on a work site means distraction.

In honor of the Women Building the Nation Conference, May 1st -3rd 2015, the star of this week’s Tradeswomen Tuesday is one of the many international tradeswomen who will help make this  year’s conference the largest international gathering of tradeswomen in history.

“There are so many other people out there who would love a job like this but just don’t know these opportunities exist,” explained Jamie McMillan. Living in Hamilton, Ontario, this ironworker /welder and advocate enjoys working on various job sites nationwide and promoting careers in construction through school and community outreach. “I love the physical challenge of my job, the constant evolving workload, seeing how things change, and how things that I build are put in place” she says.

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