Timmins Native Creates Workplace Equality Awareness Ribbon


Jamie McMillan is looking to provide a better quality of life for women and men in the trade industry.

Originally from Timmins, McMillan moved to Southern Ontario in 1999 and joined the Ironworkers trade union as an apprentice in 2002.

McMillan quickly became a skilled trade’s advocate and began her adventure into social awareness.

“The opportunities in the trades are endless,” said McMillan. “I love what I do, it’s empowering. You can go anywhere and do anything.”

She began Journeyman Inc. in which she promotes careers and promotes all construction trades, especially to women.

McMillan was contacted by Pat Williams, a mentor to McMillan and operator, in regards on how to help Pride and a Paycheck magazine, an international women’s trade magazine run by Sue Doro.

Read the full article at TimminsToday.com

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