Ontario’s Women Leaders in Construction – Jamie McMillan

Jamie McMillan, KickAss Careers Founder

There were lots of false starts and disappointments before Jamie McMillan launched a career as an ironworker. However, once she got on skilled trades track the successful ironworker, boiler maker and entrepreneur owner of KickAss Careers says she never looked back.

“I had several jobs serving, bartending, cleaning houses and working as a film extra occasionally but nothing satisfied me long term,” she said in an interview with Ontario Construction News. “I got bored easily and jumped from job to job often. Filing taxes was a nightmare,” she added, with a laugh.

After dropping out of high school and hopscotching through a variety of odd jobs, she enrolled in a college personal support worker program as a mature student.

“I was never an academic and found it difficult to focus and learn although I did excel in engaging, creative programs like drama, English media and shop classes,” she remembers. I didn’t do well academically, but I excelled in the practical landing me a job upon graduation.”

The career in healthcare came with a sense of accomplishment, but McMillan knew she wasn’t in the right place and, just like in the movies, it was a chance meeting with a former high school classmate that changed her path and pointed her toward the skilled trades.

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