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Our Mission

Engage, Educate and Encourage youth to consider careers in MITC sectors through school and community outreach.

Our Vision

To support recruitment and retention needs within the workforce by aiding in the effort to remove barriers preventing diversity, inclusion and respect in the workplace.

We Reinforce

Our commitment to nurture the need for inclusive working cultures through the Workplace Equality Awareness Ribbon Campaign.

We Endorse

Careers in MITC sectors across North America through keynote addresses, workshops, trade shows, exhibits, career fairs, panel involvement, classroom participation, community involvement and volunteerism.

KickAss Careers Conference Speaker

The KickAss Mission

To teach the young hands of today to build the world of tomorrow through apprenticeship, technical programs and the armed forces.

The KickAss Photo Booth

The KickAss Photo Booth

Our eco-friendly, paperless, DIY KickAss photo booth lets students dress up in authentic MITC – related work wear, using tools and personal protective equipment as props with a customized built in frame.

Students can immediately upload their photos to social media through our photo booth application, which automatically includes hashtags of our brand, partner brands, the event and all applicable sponsors. KickAss Careers branding is incorporated into the images.

Our goal is to increase traffic to our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Snapchat and LinkedIn) and the website, which will provide a resource page for promoting careers in MITC.




Keynote addresses, workshops, trade shows, exhibits, career fairs, panel involvement, classroom participation, community involvement and the KickAss photo booth.

Three E’s

to Success

Three E’s to Success

We believe our three E’s to student success extends far beyond our presentations. We take great pride in our abilities to connect with students and excite them about the vast career possibilities in MITC sectors.


The most important part of our work begins when the presentation ends.

We want to ensure students have an opportunity to reach out to us at any time. We have an online presence via social media and the web where students can feel safe to continue the conversation by networking with our team of mentors/ambassadors. Those who are pursuing or have achieved successful MITC careers are encourage to pay it forward by sharing their accomplishments with others and through our media platforms.

Courtney Chard, KickAss Careers Ambassador

Courtney Chard

Dee Durant, KickAss Careers Ambassador

Dee Durant

Elizabeth Moses | KickAss Careers Ambassador

Elizabeth Moses

Emily Chung, KickAss Careers Ambassador

Emily Chung

Evan Ryan, KickAss Careers Ambassador

Evan Ryan

Kate Parr, KickAss Career Ambassador

Kate Parr

Kenzie Gillan, KickAss Careers Ambassador

Kenzie Gillan

Margarita Alejandre | KickAss Careers Ambassador

Margarita Alejandre

Paige Knowles

Pat Williams, KickAss Careers Co-Founder

Pat Williams

Penny Estey, KickAss Careers Ambassador

Penny Estey

Shannon Tymosko, KickAss Careers Ambassador

Shannon Tymosko

Hayden, KickAss Kid | KickAss Careers Ambassador

Meet Our First

KickAss Kid

Hayden was born into construction. Her mother, Courtney welded while pregnant with her, right up to six weeks before giving birth.  Courtney took part in a study from the university of Alberta for pregnant women in the trades.

No one knew what the risks would be, but Hayden is healthy, happy and wise.  She is proud of her blue collar roots and quick to talk about her family of welders.

She is often in the welding shop with her mom or tagging along at conventions.

We will wait to see what she does in life, but know matter what she’ll always be a KickAss Ambassador for skilled trades.

Endless opportunities and pathways in

Mechanical, Industrial, Technology and Construction.

Endless opportunities and pathways in Mechanical, Industrial, Technology and Construction.


Let’s face it, not everyone wants to be lawyer, doctor or white-collar professional. Several prefer mechanical, practical and visual means of learning rather than academic programs through college and university.

There are so many pathways to lucrative careers for those who enjoy building things. Hands-on skills are required in many professions especially mechanical, industrial and construction occupations. Furthermore practical experience offers great advantages to those pursuing careers in technology sectors related to MITC positions.

Look at the infrastructure all around us. Everything from the furthest satellite station in space to the equipment used in the deepest mine has been designed, built and continually maintained by someone in an MITC career. As long as there is human life on earth there will be a need for engineers, skilled builders, mechanics and creative workers with unique skill sets. Through apprenticeship, technical education and STEM programs men and women are traveling worldwide with transferable skills making white-collar salaries designing, building and maintaining our ever changing, evolving world.

From a student in high school to the company owner sporting the white hat there are endless opportunities and pathways in Mechanical, Industrial, Technology and Construction.


During the mid-40’s to the early 60’s there was a huge increase in the population. They were known as the “baby boomers.” Due to age factor approximately 48% of them will soon be retiring. This means there will be 1000’s of employers looking for employees.

Over the past few decades we entered into the new technology and information era; focus shifted away from blue-collar careers. Vocational streams were removed from schools and students were urged to pursue white-collar professions such as doctors, lawyers and accountants. Regardless of academics or interest young men and women were encouraged to enroll into college and university.

Livelihoods in building, construction and mechanics were frowned upon or considered jobs for the uneducated. Along the way we as a society overlooked the importance of skilled professions and the demand for workers to design, build and maintain infrastructures such as our homes, workplaces, roads and landmarks.

With increasing population there will always be the necessity for shelter, workplaces and transportation, which embrace opportunities in engineering, constructing and ongoing maintenance.

Presently, there are many career prospects in those sectors however, due to a lack of manpower to fill the gaps in the mechanical, industrial, technological and construction sectors.

Construction Shortage Gap

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All the Kids on Builder Street

All The Kids on Builder Street

Our mission at KickAss Careers is to engage, educate and encourage youth to consider pathways in skilled trades and technology.

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